Materials: New Options

New materials have recently been introduced to the engraving market that continue to expand the possible applications and market opportunities for engravers. Among the new products are materials that, along with traditional rotary engraving, can be burnished or laser cut. Many of these materials are offered in thicknesses from .004" to .030". These thin materials may be screen-printed, hot-stamped, or formed around cylindrical objects due to their flexibility. Many can be purchased with adhesive already applied to the back. The list includes the following:

  • Flexibrass by Rowmark
  • LaserLights from Rowmark
  • Cork Products
  • Gold Coast by Innovative Plastics (IPI)

More information about the actual uses and engraving techniques for some of these newer materials will be addressed in Chapter 8 under "Engraving Thin Gauge Materials".