Materials: Wood

Most hardwoods may be cut on your engraving system. Wood with a large grain structure such as redwood should be avoided. The wood will splinter and can be difficult to work with. Most engraving needs are for decorative cuts such as in the top lid of a gift box or cigar box, and can be done with ease. A chip removal nose set above the cutter and surface of the material can be helpful in removing dust and chips. Multiple passes will be required for any cut deeper than 1/6" on most systems. Leave the spindle rpm high and watch for burning of the wood. If the wood is turning black in the corners, try increasing the X-Y speed or slow the spindle RPM.

Do not attempt to cut “green” wood. Any sap will most likely destroy the cutter and cause excessive drag on the engraving mechanism.

Hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash or walnut can be cut and a 1/4" diameter C.T. or S.C., two flute straight or two flute spiral tool is recommended. I have had considerable success with dense exotic woods such as Cocabola and Bolivian Rosewood. These were easily cut by sharp half-round carbide engraving bits, parallel and profile cutters.

Softwoods such as cedar or pine may be cut with a S.C. single or two flute straight or single or two-flute spiral tool.